Rugrats Season 1

Second Time Around

Episode 1 Second Time Around

Lady De-Clutter

Episode 2 Lady De-Clutter

New Puppy

Episode 3 New Puppy

Tail of the Dogbot

Episode 4 Tail of the Dogbot

Jonathan for a Day

Episode 5 Jonathan for a Day

One Big Happy Family

Episode 6 One Big Happy Family

The Last Balloon

Episode 7 The Last Balloon

March for Peas

Episode 8 March for Peas

The Two Angelicas

Episode 9 The Two Angelicas

No License to Drive

Episode 10 No License to Drive

I Dream of Duffy

Episode 11 I Dream of Duffy

The Fish Stick

Episode 12 The Fish Stick

The Pickle Barrel

Episode 13 The Pickle Barrel

The Future Maker

Episode 14 The Future Maker

Goodbye Reptar

Episode 15 Goodbye Reptar

The Bubbe and Zayde Show

Episode 16 The Bubbe and Zayde Show

The Perfect Myth

Episode 17 The Perfect Myth

The Big Diff

Episode 18 The Big Diff

Final Eclipse

Episode 19 Final Eclipse

Great Minds Think Alike

Episode 20 Great Minds Think Alike

Betty and the Beast

Episode 21 Betty and the Beast

Escape from Preschool

Episode 22 Escape from Preschool

Mr. Chuckie

Episode 23 Mr. Chuckie

The Werewoof Hunter

Episode 24 The Werewoof Hunter


Episode 25 Traditions

Chuckie vs. the Vacuum

Episode 26 Chuckie vs. the Vacuum

Gone Teddy Gone

Episode 27 Gone Teddy Gone

I, Baby

Episode 28 I, Baby


Episode 29 Fan-Gelica

Captain Susie

Episode 30 Captain Susie

Bringing Up Daisy

Episode 31 Bringing Up Daisy

Wedding Smashers

Episode 32 Wedding Smashers

House Broken

Episode 33 House Broken

Lucky Smudge

Episode 34 Lucky Smudge

Our Friend Twinkle

Episode 35 Our Friend Twinkle

Rescuing Cynthia

Episode 36 Rescuing Cynthia

Queen Bee

Episode 37 Queen Bee

Phone Alone

Episode 38 Phone Alone

Night Crawler

Episode 39 Night Crawler

Goblets & Goblins

Episode 40 Goblets & Goblins

House of Cardboard

Episode 41 House of Cardboard

Fluffy Moves In

Episode 42 Fluffy Moves In

Susie the Artist

Episode 43 Susie the Artist

A Horse is a Horse

Episode 44 A Horse is a Horse

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Rugrats Season 1

HD 4.2 min
Tommy, Chuckie, and the Rugrats crew return for all-new adventures.

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