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May 6 2017
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The subject of a mutation is widely discussed in scientific community. But also it excites the audience not less. Movies about mutants are watched even by basic sceptics, after all it is possible not to believe that there are newcomers, however it is impossible to deny a fact in evidence of a mutated of organisms. This subject allows to be developed imaginations of screenwriters and directors. It is possible to give such masterpiece as "Turtle mutants" or a hit of the present "X-Men". And though according to official figures the mutating organism is doomed to death because it isn't adapted for existence in new conditions, in movies everything occurs on the contrary.

Mutants on the screen are allocated with special force, they are strong, powerful and often aggressive-minded in relation to simple people. Similar movies not simply show the invented beings, they give a certain forecast for the future. And it not simply conjectures because it isn't known how tomorrow live organisms will react to harmful and toxic agents which leaks happen on the planet daily. Perhaps, splash in mutations will begin worldwide already soon, and the mankind will appear on the verge of a survival. That was yesterday an imagination fruit, can become reality today.
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